Orangeman looked so out of place

In every picture of the meeting in Sicily, you had sophisticated, intelligent looking world leaders… and then you had fat, dumpy Orangeman looking like he wandered in from a bad night at an all you can eat buffet. How embarrassing for America. I don’t blame the French president for not wanting to shake his hand or Melania not wanting to hold it. I wouldn’t want to touch that either. Continue reading →


It figures

I waited until this week to get my hanging plants for my porch figuring it hadn’t gone below freezing at night in a few weeks so I was safe. Then we had the deluge the night I put them out. Then we had a hail storm the next day. Now we have wind and probably another deluge. The plants just look so sad and confused. Isn’t this supposed to be spring here? Oh wait. That’s right. As that great song goes, when it’s springtime in Alaska, it’s forty below. Continue reading →


Please make it stop

I am so damned tired of this new look of see through dresses, see through bras, see through panties, cut outs in dresses that barely leave the vagina covered and the nipples peeking out. For god’s sake, why even pretend to wear a dress. Just go out naked. It seems to be the look people are attempting without actually having to be nude.

Whatever happened to the idea of a little mystery, a little something unseen, a little something to look forward to?

Yeah, I know this makes me sound like an old man yelling at the kids to get Continue reading →



Why does my dog suddenly awaken in the middle of the night, run down the ramp on the side of the bed in order to run to the other side and jump up on the bed again… almost always landing on my face? Why? Continue reading →


Why you should only use one pharmacy for all your prescriptions

Here’s why having all your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy is such a good idea. I had a drug prescribed for me today at a clinic I went to for a minor infection. Brought the prescription to the Carr’s Huffman pharmacy where I get all my meds. The pharmacist noted that the drug could have negative consequences when combined with a blood pressure pill I take. She called the doc and they worked out a plan for a similar drug with no adverse interactions. And that’s why you use one pharmacy if you take medications routinely… and which of Continue reading →


If… when… Trump goes

Let’s not forget we are merely going from the frying pan to the fire because we get Mike (I can’t keep it in my pants if I have a meal with a lady unless my wife is there) Pence. Not exactly an improvement. And if he goes we get Paul “if they can’t afford health care it must be because they are bad people living unhealthy lives” Ryan.

There is no relief in sight. Continue reading →


Why oh why

Why, or why, when my dogs want to spit up or… throw up… do they feel the need to come and do it in front of me – even when I’m in bed and they are trying to barf on the bed? I love when they share but do they really have to share this? Continue reading →


What do the NCIS producers have against women?

Is it just me or do the producers of the NCIS franchise have a thing against women? By my count, Gibbs on NCIS lost his first wife to a drug dealer and his second or third (ex) wife to a bullet to the head while he walked with her. DiNozzo lost the mother of his child to a bomb. Director Vance lost his wife to an attack on his house. Kate, the original woman on the team, also died by a gunshot to the head. The female NCIS director, Jenny Shepard, died in a hail of bullets. And now, over
Continue reading →