Make the noise stop

If my sister and I didn’t look so much alike, serious questions could be raised about whether we could possibly really be siblings.

She took me to a concert at the Keswick Theater in suburban Philly on Saturday to hear a group called The Faux Four. I think because it was Beatles’ music she assumed I would have A. heard the songs before and B. would enjoy it.

Halfway through I had to get up and go to the lobby where a nice lady gave me ear plugs. I shoved them so far into my ears I swear they were touching my brain. Then I put my fingers over my ears to drown out the sound even more. Then I went to the farthest end of the lobby to get away from the sound. And yet it was still too loud. My head vibrated, my brain vibrated, my whole body vibrated. I wanted to jump up screaming “Inside voices! Inside voices!”. In the end, I simply realized this was why I haven’t been to a concert in over forty years and why it will be even longer before I go to one again.

Seriously, why does it have to be so loud that it makes your ears bleed?