When it all runs out, then what?

First let me apologize for being away from the blog again for a few days. But, as always, technology defeated me and I had to go to the wonderful Sonya Senkowsky of Alaska Writers for help. It took her about ten seconds to do what I had not been able to do in two days.

But today let’s talk about Governor Mike Dunleavy, Alaska’s own Trump kiss ass. He seems to be spending his time as governor sucking up to every national media outlet that speaks his language… hint, hint – Fox News. He claims he can’t get fair coverage Continue reading →


Greta Thornberg is right

As I sit here looking out the window at a December day in Anchorage with no snow visible, temps way higher than they should be, rain in the forecast and Stellar jays still coming to my feeder, I’ve got to figure that this kid is definitely on to something.

Here’s the problem. A bunch of old white men – also known at the GOP – has decided that she is wrong and that the dramatic global climate change that is happening right in front of our faces is, in fact, nothing more than a passing moment in history. Needless to Continue reading →


A fun fact – the body count was exaggerated

For those of us of a certain age, the term “body count” immediately brings to mind the headlines that ran in newspapers all over the country about the war in Vietnam.

You see, kids, back in the long ago past, we had a war that, like the war in Afghanistan, seemed to go on forever. But we were assured by our military leaders on a daily basis that we were obviously winning because – well, look at the body count.

The body count was released every day based on the number of enemies we had killed that day. I always Continue reading →


Oh sweet lord!

If you want to understand how crazed the nuns made us when teaching English in grade school, here’s a prime example. I edit my emails. I write them. I read them at least twice. I then edit them, move sentences around, etc.

So there you go. I am an email editor. And it’s all the fault of Sister Beatrice. Ah, the long reach of first grade teachers.

And did I mention she pulled a piece of candy out of her voluminous habit and gave it to the first child to figure out a reading word. I won a lot of Continue reading →


A banana

A banana taped to a wall with duct tape is selling for six figures in Florida – yes, of course it’s Florida!

The artist taped it to the wall and sold it for more money than I’ll probably see in my lifetime. Even better, after the first few days you have to supply your own banana as the one you were sold rots on your wall. And you have to supply your own tape to tape the new banana up on the wall.

Now at this point, any sane person is asking how this is still the artist’s work if Continue reading →


Let me see if I have this straight…

The majority of 9/11 terrorists were Saudis. The shooter in Pensacola was a Saudi. His Saudi friends watched and filmed the incident.

Yet we invaded Iraq, destroyed Afghanistan and betrayed the Kurds while continuing to arm the Saudi kingdom and sending our troops to help protect their oil fields.

Hmmm…. I wonder what they might have that we think is so important to protect that we allow them to continue to send their citizens here to murder us while we send our soldiers there to protect them? Continue reading →


I am addicted

I admit it. I am totally addicted to the best and worst dressed lists that are posted after every event in which pretty people are dressed by a designer who wants their product seen on someone pretty and impossibly skinny.

Nowadays, people who weigh more than 80 pounds are allowed to be dressed in nice attired on the red carpet. In Hollywood that’s considered progress – fat people (defined as anyone over a size 5) are also allowed to consider themselves attractive.

But I don’t voraciously devour these lists because of any political content. No, I do it because I Continue reading →


My current gripe

Want to get on Netflix – you need a cell phone so they can send you a text to get the process started. Download Samantha Bee’s latest app? Need a text to activate it. Want to make an appointment with a dog groomer – text because if you call it will take them two or three days to answer.

I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t want a cell phone. I’m very content with people only being able to kind of contact me by phone at home. And I say “kind of” because I screen all my calls on Continue reading →


Seriously, I will scream

If I hear one more person trying to compare Trump’s possible impeachment with Bill Clinton’s, I’m going to scream. They are not the same. They are not even in the same category. They are barely in the same universe.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about an affair. His affair hurt no one but himself and his marriage. Nothing else. Not national security, not our international reputation, and not our country’s honor.

Orange Peel, on the other hand, did all those things with a bang. His holdup of money gave the Russians free rein in Crimea while the Continue reading →


Here’s what men can do to help prevent abuse

I’ve been involved in social services and health care my entire career in Alaska. So you’ll excuse me if I tell you how tired I am of hearing about all the programs that are going to be funded to prevent sexual and physical abuses in our villages. While some may have worked a little, most don’t work at all. Women still flee if possible to Anchorage or Fairbanks to get away from it only to find that it can be hard in those cities to stay safe too.

You know how to stop that kind of violence in the villages? Continue reading →