Take their recent accidental bomb drill as an example of what will be happening to all of us in the very near future when that Tub of Lard in the White House decides to drop a bomb on North Korea to prove his (very, very tiny) manhood. Helluva way for the world to end – done in by a blithering idiot with a well deserved inferiority complex. Continue reading →


Get used to it

Hawaii’s bomb alarm might have been inadvertent but the truth is that, given the insanity in the White House, we should all probably figure out where the nearest fall out shelter is because we will be needing it for real in the not too distant future. Continue reading →


What has happened to us?

How can we have fallen so low in such a short time? That POS currently sullying the White House called some countries “shit holes” while lamenting that we aren’t getting more immigrants from Norway. Well, guess what, shithead – no one from Norway wants to come to such a horrible country as you are making us seem in the eyes of the world. You want to point out a shit hole country, how about a country with the largest prison population of any other country in the world on a per capita basis? America. How about a country where students Continue reading →



Oprah? Oprah for president? I never watched her show but she seems intelligent, decent, literate… yep, all the things Trumpsters despise. On that basis alone, she’d have my vote.

My real problem is absorbing the fact that we might have two tv personalities running against each other for the presidency… a seat once held by such luminaries as Lincoln and Washington… hell, even Rutherford B. Hayes beats out reality tv stars. How has my country reached so low a level of candidates? Where are the statesmen and women who received our respect because they earned it?

Sad. So, so sad. Continue reading →


Even I stay up later

I thought I was a real slug for going to bed by 10 most nights and then staying up until 2 AM with my iPad and books and magazines. But Trump goes to bed at 6:30 with a cheeseburger. Wow. Even I know how unhealthy that is.

Now excuse me while I go to my bedroom and empty out all the dishes and glasses that seem to accumulate there with absolutely no help from me. Honestly, I have no idea where that ice cream dish came from… or that bowl of leftover popcorn kernels… honestly! Continue reading →

Columns 2018

And so 2018 begins

And so 2018 begins. As Alaskans, we are forced to attempt optimism at the fact that our legislators will soon be heading back to Juneau to celebrate that with the opening of ANWR all our hopes and dreams are coming true. Another boom!

Well, not quite. Given that at a minimum we are looking at ten years, if not more, of permits, litigation, shifting political winds and wills, ANWR really isn’t the answer to our current pressing budget crisis. Call me pessimistic, but given that the Legislature did nothing to put Alaska on firm financial footing last year when ANWR Continue reading →


Why air travel is so much safer now

Because the POS currently sullying the White House is president. At least, that’s what he claims in his tweet.

He also claims his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong-un’s. Yep, nothing gives you a better night’s sleep than knowing two insane males are comparing the size of their nuclear buttons.

So at what point do the gutless members of Congress grab their balls and admit the obvious… POS is deep into dementia and for the safety of the world needs to be shut down.

And yes, I said “balls” despite the presence of women in Congress because, quite honestly, Continue reading →


It’s the first day of the new year

It’s the first day of the new year and I feel no more optimistic about the future today than I did yesterday. It’s a toss up between knowing the POS currently sullying the White House is still in office or my inability to erase the sight of Melania in that New Year’s Eve creation horror for which she paid thousands of dollars.

Seriously, when I dressed anywhere near that badly, my mother would ask me if I didn’t have mirrors in my house and, if I did, she suggested I check them before going out. Melania should take that advice. Continue reading →


The queen had her horrible year a while ago

America, on the other hand, has just experienced its worse year ever. The scary news is that we have three more horrible years ahead. Even if Trump gets impeached as he deserves to, we then have Pence. And if Pence falls, we get Ryan.

How the hell are we supposed to celebrate a new year when our country is in the hands of a pussy grabbing racist who is only out to make money for his family and rich friends while metaphorically raising his middle finger – small though it might be – to all the silly people who believed Continue reading →