It’s hard

It’s hard in the world of Orange Peel to want to write on a daily basis about what’s going on in our country. It’s so sad and discouraging to see America with a president who doesn’t represent anything but the worst in us. This is a president who bombs someone in a country that isn’t ours or the country of the person being bombed but in a third country and enjoys the hysteria it causes.

Imagine someone doing that in America – sending a drone in to kill someone without our government’s knowledge or approval. Orange Peel would be on Continue reading →


And so the world descends into madness

Orange Peel has finally done it. It was bad enough we’ve been at war in the middle-East for almost twenty years. Now he has guaranteed we will be there for many years more. He wants a war. He wants to pretend he is some grand military leader with bone spurs. He wants to distract us from his impeachment and in doing so has made this world an extremely more dangerous place.

I look back at the past couple of years and can’t help but notice that the vast majority of mass terrorist attacks have been committed by homegrown terrorists who Continue reading →


Ah, Anchorage in the winter

So we had snow, then we had rain, now we have snow again. In a week, our temps have gone from below zero to almost 50 degrees and now back to the teens and single digits.

But not to worry. Climate change is but a myth perpetrated by every credible scientist in the world to just screw with you and Orange Peel.

Have a happy new year… and pray that we only wipe out a few thousand species this year so we leave at least a few for the kids to destroy. Continue reading →


One more time with feeling

Why I don’t own a cell phone… this seems to be an ongoing discussion among friends and family who feel I am somehow depriving myself of a life saving something or other. But honestly, it makes no sense to me so let me try again to help you understand why I hope to be the last person on earth to die without one.

First, I don’t travel very far alone anymore. I drive to the store and back and to the occasional midtown lunch. A cell phone is not needed to guide me there and if anything happened, I’m sure Continue reading →


Let it snow

According to the weather report, yesterday was the only day we would not have snow in about a week. So as someone whose eyesight is limited at best, driving while it’s snowing becomes a real challenge. I decided I needed to re-supply my house with all the essentials so that it could snow as much as it wanted for the rest of the weekend and into next week and I wouldn’t care.

What, you ask, are my essentials. Well, as an older person, I have found that simplifying my life makes it easier on a daily basis. So my essentials Continue reading →


Ah the side eye

Since Rizley first arrived in my house it became clear he would never be the push over cuddle pillow of wiggles that Snowy is. He was clearly above what he views as Snowy’s groveling, no matter what the situation.

So last night when I saw Rizley snacking out of his food dish at 11 PM, I picked the dish up and reminded him we didn’t eat that late at night because then he pooped on the floor while mom was asleep.

The look I got from him as I took the dish away would have shaken even a stronger woman Continue reading →


And then I take a deep breath

No, this isn’t about Orange Peel. It’s the holidays. We should put him in a box and not unwrap him until after the new year so we can all concentrate on what’s really important… straws.

I was at Olive Garden last week – we will pause now to allow my Italian family to collectively gasp in horror – and when the server brought me my diet Coke, a straw was already in it with the paper ripped off.

I know we live in Alaska and sometimes it still takes awhile for news to reach some people but we’re talking about Continue reading →


Yes, I celebrated

OK, I really celebrated. I stayed baked from the moment the first article of impeachment passed until I fell asleep smiling last night.

But here’s the thing. By the end of the evening what I was really smiling about was Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to send the Articles to the Senate until the Senate could basically assure a fair trial. Given that McConnell already announced Orange Peel’s innocence, you can see where impartiality would be a real issue.

Given that the Constitution provides no guidance on how long the House can keep the Articles until they are passed on to the Continue reading →


I’m torn

I look out the window and see roads I am mostly comfortable driving on. While some ice is still a problem at intersections, that’s about it.

I approached the coming of winter in Alaska as I have done every year recently. Before the snow fell, I stocked up for winter knowing there would be many days when I couldn’t get out because of ice or snow. Except the ice and snow didn’t happen except for a very brief moment early on. Now my yard looks as it usually does in early spring as the snow melts and the ugly browness Continue reading →


When it all runs out, then what?

First let me apologize for being away from the blog again for a few days. But, as always, technology defeated me and I had to go to the wonderful Sonya Senkowsky of Alaska Writers for help. It took her about ten seconds to do what I had not been able to do in two days.

But today let’s talk about Governor Mike Dunleavy, Alaska’s own Trump kiss ass. He seems to be spending his time as governor sucking up to every national media outlet that speaks his language… hint, hint – Fox News. He claims he can’t get fair coverage Continue reading →