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I could not get in to my blog for the past week because of something that I don’t pretend to begin to understand. But after only an hour’s wait on the phone, some nice young man eliminated something that was causing the problem and promised I wouldn’t even miss what he’d deleted.

We’ll see…
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Workout pants

I don’t know about you, but my workout pants are baggy with elastic waist and what might possibly be chocolate stains on them. I don’t put on makeup or do my hair or worry about what sweatshirt I’m putting on top of the pants and whether it clashes or not with the pants.

So when I see some Hollywood starlet bouncing out of her workout session in a pair of sweatpants that are more form fitting, hip hugging and stylish than the best pants in my closet, I have to wonder.

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The rule of law

Stephen Colbert asked a very interesting question to Cooper Anderson last night. He asked what would happen if the Supreme Court ruled that Trump had to release his tax returns and he still refused to do it. Cooper replied that we would then be dependent on good people in his administration to resign in protest until such time as he was forced to comply. In other words, we are screwed.

First of all, for those who have been living under rocks for the past two years, there are no good people in this administration. And there are few good Republicans Continue reading →


It has now reached the level of gibberish

Is no one in power concerned about the fact that the POS currently sullying the White House is now simply spouting gibberish without even an attempt at coherence?

I listened to part of one of his rallies recently – and I do mean “part” because it took but a few minutes before I found myself screaming at the crowd. Can they all be complete idiots or are they intelligent people who just enjoy a good show? I’m hoping for the latter but fear for the former.

So as best I can tell, a Trump rally is full of the level Continue reading →


Here’s the dream

I want to dump all the stuff from my junk drawer into a box marked “junk drawer” and then, when I get to the new house, dump the box into a drawer that instantly becomes my new junk drawer. Saves the time and effort required to create a whole new junk drawer when moving.

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So this is what it’s come to

The news on any given day is horrible. Leaders in Washington continue to bow down to the idiot in chief and act as though he has the slightest bit of intelligence. People get shot on a daily basis with guns that contain the kind of destructive power our Forefathers never imagined. Schools are armed camps. Space under a bridge is considered housing for immigrants being held by ICE. Powerful men continue to abuse their power by attempting to overwhelm women into screwing them. It just goes on and on.

It has gotten so bad that I find myself not wanting Continue reading →


My favorite story from Facebook this week

I am not using the names of the people who shared this story on Facebook because I never use names here without permission unless they are public figures. So here’s what I read on Facebook last night that just gave me my best laugh in forever.

Person 1, an Inupiaq, gets a text asking if she’s heard the update. Person 1 responds to Person 2’s text because it came from a friend’s account that Person 1 did not know had been hacked.

Person 1 assumes this is about preparations for whaling season in Utqiaqvik since Person 2 is also Inupiaq Continue reading →


I don’t care if it’s just for old farts

Apparently, despite all the bad publicity it gets, Facebook is having trouble being the “hot” thing with the younger generation. I suspect that part of the problem is that on Facebook, you can write long paragraphs and sentences. That is, I’m guessing, difficult for the Twitter generation. Anything over 280 characters in a post just confuses them.

But it doesn’t confuse us old farts. We actually grew up in a time when you wrote letters that went on for more than two pages. We grew up in a time when long distance phone calls were expensive so writing letters was Continue reading →


College admissions scam

Here’s what I find most disturbing about this whole thing – seeing just how shallow, spoiled and thoroughly obnoxious the children of rich people can be when they think they’re getting away with it.

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade not only bragged about not particularly caring about ever making it to a college class, but she also admitted that she rarely made it to high school. What a bratty piece of shit.

And where were her parents? How does your daughter skip high school and you don’t notice… or is it that you don’t care? Surely if you ever made Continue reading →

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Why is anyone surprised?

I am always amused at the shock expressed by the media every time the rich are exposed as being privileged beyond what us mere mortals can imagine. Many of us aren’t shocked at all.

You see, most Americans (who aren’t Trump supporters) figured out a long time ago that the game was stacked against them. The rich are different from you and me and that difference is glaringly obvious in just about everything they do and say.

When you fly, you pray that the seat will fit your body, the person in front of you won’t put the seat back Continue reading →