An interesting question

A friend of mine had a dinner party in which the husbands of two friends spent a good part of the evening drinking and commiserating on how terrible it is to be a white man in American today because they are so abused and misunderstood and denied their rightful place in society. My friend could only listen for so long before she got up and left. Before leaving, she looked at these two white men and asked them if they were so unhappy bearing the burden of being a white man in American today, then what color would they prefer Continue reading →



If the Anchorage Daily News gets any thinner, it would probably be cheaper for them to just pay someone to go around and tell subscribers what the news is. I understand that they are going through a readjustment but so far, much of the adjustment just stinks. The remnants of their editorial page is just pathetic. Ask Amy anchoring a news or obit page is simply wrong. And why they even bother with the page of national and international news that they hide somewhere amidst the classifieds is just stupid.

C’mon, guys. At a minimum put out some money for Continue reading →


Voting by mail

So I did it. I just mailed in my first vote by mail ballot. And it was, as they promised, soooooo easy.

I think what I liked best is that I could fill it out while sitting at my desk near my computer. Each time I hit a slate of candidates and wasn’t sure of who I should vote for, I just went online and read their material and then voted. Way cool. Continue reading →


The number is $18 billion

$18 billion – the estimated cost of constructing a wall to keep immigrants out of America or, if this administration continues down its hate filled, pussy grabbing ways, to keep Americans from fleeing to Mexico.

My question is how the wall will effectively increase security on all the tunnels being used from Mexico to the US.  Also, does the POS currently sullying the WH really think that someone in Mexico won’t enjoy the challenge of building a contraption that gets you over the wall and down the other side? Or is that his plan so that border patrol agents can Continue reading →


A question

Since Mike Pence’s wife has chosen art therapy as her particular field of interest, does this mean her husband is allowed to be in a room alone with a painting or sculpture of a women – naked or clothed? Continue reading →


Why I’ll never understand dogs

Nayla goes out in the backyard and eats something that clearly had been dead one day too long to be digestible. So for the next few days, I can’t walk anywhere in my house without first looking down for barf on the floor. The poop… little puddles all over the house… were easily traceable by smell.

I felt so sorry for her. She wouldn’t eat anything. Just wanted to hide in a corner and sleep. Looked so pathetic. And then one day, she woke up and decided to eat. Guess she decided life was worth living again.

And what was Continue reading →


Rats scurrying away from a sinking ship

The exodus from the WH, whether voluntary or involuntary, looks like nothing more than rats deserting a sinking ship before it hits rock bottom. On the other hand, given the POS currently sullying the White House, one wonders just how far down rock bottom really is.

Any supervisor with this rate of employee turnover, especially if you were the supervisor who hired the employee, would have been fired by now or demoted to mail clerk… hmmm, do companies still have mail clerks?

Anyhow, seems as though we will be treated to a new administration every year until POS manages to Continue reading →



Why would anyone work for the POS currently sullying the White House? You’d wake up every morning and have to check your Twitter feed to find out if you still had a job. That sucks.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we woke up one day and found out he’d twittered Betsy DeVos straight out of a job? Continue reading →


The saddest thing about the parade

There are so many sad and pathetic things about the military parade the POS currently sullying the White House has ordered.  For starts, it’s about as anti-American as you can get. Our founding fathers did not see us as a country of military might and enforcement. They had lived through that in England. Now they wanted a country of laws. This is why they put a civilian in charge of the military, so that there would never be another time where fear of the military would be used to intimidate citizens.

A parade of arms and military might belongs in Continue reading →