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Shop Nordstrom’s. Piss Orangeman off!

I have never been accused of being fashionable. My idea of dressing up is to put a bra on under my sweatshirt. And of course, in case of an accident, I always wear clean underwear. Mom taught me well on that point.

My mother was a fashionista. Or, at least as much of one as she could be on the very limited income of a grocer’s wife. The day she died, she was packing to go to Europe. We found her bed covered with new clothes she’d laid out for the trip. I, on the other hand, get ready for Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Alaska’s silent legislature

Be quiet. Quieter. No, I mean really, really quiet. Because I’m sure if you get quiet enough you’ll be able to hear the healthy and vigorous debates going on in our state legislature over our fiscal crisis and how to handle it so that we can still pay the light bill.

Hmmm… seems no matter how quiet we get, we hear nothing. But just wait a few months and then hear the sounds of our legislators explaining their need to go into overtime because this is a problem that simply can’t be solved in a week. Listen to them explain Continue reading →

Columns 2017

And Anchorage snow day

Alaska finally seems to be getting the winter it deserves, which is full of snow and cold. Also, it’s full of a white, frosted beauty that only real Alaskans seem to be able to appreciate. So after way too many years of waiting for winter to happen, I finally had the one that eliminated any excuses for not cleaning out my closets and garage.

I must say, it was revealing. I have apparently not done this since moving down from Barrow. That would explain the 30-year-old backpack tossed into the top of my closet. Or the twenty-five mug warmers that Continue reading →

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How we treat mental illnesses

Once again we face the dismal reality that as a society, we have made little to no progress in understanding and treating mental illness. Over the centuries, people with mental illnesses have been considered touched by the gods, possessed by the devil and full of the wrong humors. Once we understood mental illness was just that, an illness, you’d think we’d have come up with a rational way to deal with it. But this, of all illnesses, seems to be the one we can’t wrap our heads around. No matter what society says out loud, privately most people just want Continue reading →

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Both parties need to retire

Has it occurred to anyone else that both the Democrats and the Republicans have become the parties of dysfunction? Is it perhaps time to retire them both to the dustbin of history and start anew?

Look at the Dems. They lost the election and since then have pretty much been curled up in a whimpering ball of shaking goo. If Hillary had won and then it became public knowledge that her win had been at least partly assisted by the Kremlin, the Republicans would not be curled up and quivering. They would have fourteen special committees investigating it. They would Continue reading →

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A country of war

I’m probably not the only person in this world who is very, very glad to say goodbye to 2016. It was a horrible year. And I’m not just talking about the Orangeman’s election. Yes, that will probably be the downfall of democracy and our country as we know it, but it still wasn’t the worst part of 2016. That honor goes to the endless wars in the Middle East.

We are now in our 15th year of war there and are no closer to solving the problem of terrorism than we were the day after 9/11. In fact, there Continue reading →