I always suspected

So here’s the headline that merely confirms what I have long suspected…

“Researchers Are Now Saying That Lettuce Can Hear When It’s Being Eaten”

Yes, eating veggies is a cruel and unusual act that causes pain to that lettuce leaf. Is it any wonder that the romaines finally turned against us and starting killing us?

As someone who has always firmly believed eating a dead cookie is much more humane than munching on lettuce and ignoring the screams from your mouth, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. I know veggies are supposed to be our best friends but really Continue reading →


Alaska – the forgotten state

I always thought it was just me. Or it was just my family. But it turns out the entire country is no really sure Alaska belongs to America so why worry about it when tragedy strikes.

When hurricanes happened in the south, everyone rallied to help. Hawaii is America’s beach so of course it will be supported through volcano eruptions and other nasty forces of nature. But Alaska – we have a 7.0 earthquake and it barely makes national news for more than one day.

I realize that Alaskans are used to this. We don’t wait for others to help Continue reading →


It’s Owloween

Join the Anchorage Public Library, Bird TLC and our Parliament of Live Owls as we celebrate the spirit of Halloween Oct. 27 from 2 to 4 at the Loussac Library. There will be free education programs, live owl presentations, crafts and a kids’ costume contest.

That’s Oct. 27 from 2 to 4 at the Loussac Library. Continue reading →

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So we’re no longer even trying to hide the selling of America

Thanks to large donations from certain companies that might have a financial stake in the matter, the United States went to a meeting of the World Health Organization and tried to block a resolution urging the international community to encourage breast feeding and stop misleading claims by formula makers that what they sell is better.

That’s right, folks. We are now formally opposed to the idea that breast milk is best for an infant. Given that breast milk is a goddess given attribute, does this mean that America is now formally against the goddess’ choices for us humans? Or do Continue reading →


Bully in Chief

That pile of melted orange goo must have been a horrible child because he grew into a horrible human being. He is a bully now and he was probably a bully then.

The POS currently embarrassing us throughout the world seems to feel that he can bully with impunity since he now sits atop the largest bully pulpit in the world. What he doesn’t see from those lofty heights is the anger and disdain swelling beneath him.

China is growing into an economic machine that will soon surpass us. The European Union is finding other trading partners. Canada is probably Continue reading →

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Attitude is all he needs

Oh. Sweet. Jesus. We are all doomed. Bend over and kiss it goodbye. That melted pile of orange goo has announced that he doesn’t need to be up to date on issues with North Korea prior to the summit. All he needs to do is have attitude.

I’m assuming he’s talking about the same attitude that won us independence, ended slavery and defeated Hitler. Yep, those were some attitudes. Of course, they were also backed up by guns and bombs but who are we to quibble. He’s the man with the plan. He’s the geeter with the heeter. He’s the Continue reading →


There’s a hole in my heart

There’s a hole in my heart big enough to drive a semi through. Today, my little man Carm went over the Rainbow Bridge.  He’s not in pain anymore. He’s not limping. Not spitting up. Not looking dazed anymore. He’s up there with Lovey and his sister BuddhaBubba and Blue and Blondie and Mr. T and Abdul and Captain and all the wonderful animals that have so enhanced my life by their love and devotion. He running without pain and playing with joy again. He has his wings.

Saying goodbye is always hard. Since I tend to adopt older animals with Continue reading →

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Surprising headline of the day

Under the heading of DUH!, there is the startling revelation that indeed that POS currently sullying the White House paid his lawyer back for the hush money paid to a porn star who he violated while his wife was home with their new baby. Way to go, evangelical Christians. You certainly picked the right role model for your brand of crap.

Second fun headline of the day, also under the DUH category, the Senate (including Republicans) have announced that the Russians did try to interfere with the 2016 election. Welcome to 2018, guys. Most of us have know this for Continue reading →

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Things lost in the storm

Things getting lost in the wake of a Stormy Trump… the total waste of time and money that the current Alaska Legislature is.

Yep, it’s been a stealth legislature so far, which is probably better than some years filled with spoiled brat whining to the press about how mean the other guys are. But still, this has been pretty much the definition of a do nothing legislature. They are on track to pass the least bills ever by an Alaska Legislature. Now again, I realize that can be a plus were it not for the fact that some bills that Continue reading →


Was this their plan all along

I see and hear from more and more people who are simply so tired and disgusted by the horror that is the current administration in DC that they want to just… and pardon this old hippie but it says it best… tune in and drop out. (I deliberately left out the turn on because unless we are talking about the tv, most of us old hippies are way too old to turn on.)

Anyhow, I have to wonder if this hasn’t been their plan all along – act so egregiously for so long that decent people will drop out of Continue reading →