I guess getting in shape really isn’t a bad idea

Despite the pain it has taken to get in even relatively good shape, and despite the fact that exercising will never rank higher than number 153 on my list of favorite things to do, I must admit that I am periodically confronted with proof positive that it works. A few years ago, when I was much heavier and not in very good shape, I fell on the ice and ended up in an emergency room with the kinds of bumps, bruises and contusions that are very painful but not visible enough to get you a whole lot of sympathy.  Yesterday I slipped on the ice again. Only this time, I was much thinner and had spent two years faithfully working out at Curves. I was able to control the fall, somewhat cushion and slow it down, and ended up with nothing more than a sore knee and wrenched butt.  No need for an ER this time. So I guess it does help to be in shape. Damn! It was so much more fun to be a couch potato.