Needed: Dried, dead mosquitoes

Do you have a mosquito trap in your yard in Anchorage? If so, Bird TLC is in desperate need of mosquitoes for some of the baby birds we care for this time of year. So don’t throw all the dried mosquitoes out. Bring them to Bird TLC at 7800 King Street. It’s the circle of life! Continue reading →


Two days to go

I will revel in the peace and quiet of the weekend knowing that on Monday The Family descends on me for a week. My house if clean, my fence is straight, my porch has flowers and my refrigerator has milk for the boys.
Come on in, Mushovics! My home is anxiously awaiting you. Continue reading →

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As if his own insanity weren’t enough

Donald Trump now has Sarah Palin threatening Paul Ryan over his non-support of Trump. The crazy has the crazier making totally insane comments. Yep, we’ve been swallowed up by a black hole of ignorance and insanity. And I say that with all due respect to those people with mental illnesses, most of whom are more capable than either Donald or Sarah to run this country.

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Our greatness is our unity

This column’s deadline is before the results of yesterday’s primary are announced. So congrats to the winners, better luck next time to the runners-up and to the rest of Alaska, enjoy the brief twenty minutes of silence we will have before the onslaught of political noise leading up to the general election.

Given how diverse a country we are, that we can come together to vote on issues and then, for the most part, live with the results no matter how mad they make us, is amazing.  If you travel through America at all, you quickly come to realize that

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