It’s been a rough weekend for Mr. T


I guess you just get to an age where you want what’s familiar and all else is just annoying. I made the mistake of going out for a few hours last night. Mr. T is used to me being home in the evening since it’s universally known that I have no social life, preferring a hermit-like existence with my animals. So he did number one downstairs and number two upstairs. I guess that was his way of letting me know with absolute certainty that he was displeased. Since he’s 16, pretty blind and almost completely deaf, I guess I have to cut him some slack. Except I don’t understand how he can neither see nor hear me when I am two feet away from him in the living room but can hear and see a dog three blocks away when we take our walk. Is he pulling the greatest scam of all times on me?  Just to get those extra chicken pieces?