It’s a three step process

I don’t know how you get rid of the crap in your house.  Maybe you don’t.  Maybe when you die you will be found surrounded by remote controls for TVs you haven’t owned in thirty years and paper bags that were too pretty to throw out because you knew that someday they would be the perfect wrap for some as yet unpurchased gift…that would probably come with its own pretty bag anyway…unless you got it at a rummage sale in which case don’t give it to me.  Anyhow, this all comes to mind because I have recently done the three step shuffle with the mounds of stuff that seem to find their way into my home every year no matter what I do to prevent the accumulation.  And so this week stuff went from visible in my home to being shoved in a closet.  To make room in the closet, the items shoved there last year were removed to the garage. To make room in the garage, the items shoved there last year were brought to the curb for trash pickup.  And the dance continues.