It’s just amazing

My sixteen year old dog. who is blind in one eye and has a cataract growing in the other…my dog who routinely stands facing the closet door waiting for me to open it so we can go on our walk because he can’t remember that it’s the door on the other wall that leads to outside…my dog who barks at all the trash cans in the driveways on trash day because he thinks they are other dogs…managed to somehow see the new puppy across the street playing in the circle from his second floor balcony window and now spends most of his day standing at that window growling in the general direction of the mailbox across the way jn general warning to that puppy to keep his distance. The sad thing is, he’s never managed to really spot the puppy a second time. But that mail box has had a complete disclosure of his intent towards it should it ever decide to pull up roots and become my mailbox.