It really is a drug

I had my birds fed, my dog snuggled in for his morning nap to get over the rigors of his long night’s sleep, my latte in hand and my computer turned on.  Life was good. Then I hit the sign on button and found out my Internet connection was down. It was as though I was jonesing for a crack fix and someone accidentally spilled the contents of the spoon…ok, I may be mixing metaphors there since I don’t know if you actually cook crack the way heroin gets cooked but give me a break. I’m old and it’s hard to keep up with all the advances in drug ingestion.  Anyhow, I finally get how hooked I am on the Internet and how empty the morning seems without it.  I even missed the Spam, let alone the Cathy strip and the Cow and Boy strip.  Thank god it came back up by the time I got back from the store. I can stop shaking and start working now.