No winner yet

In the annual “who can annoy me the most” contest, we surprisingly do not have a clear cut winner yet. Usually by this time of the year, one has emerged.  Tom Cruise, as always, is a top contender.  And televagelists, as a category, were retired with honor to the hall of fame last year.  Brad and Angelina would be on the list but I find I avert my eyes whenever I see the start of their names in any publication and so have successfully avoided them.  Political campaigns are in the running as always but they may soon have to be retired along with the televangelists.  And Richard Gere has stayed out of the limelight so he hasn’t impinged on my consciousness enough to make me want to haul off and smack him. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Anchorage drivers are leading a charge to overtake Cruise on the list.  More later.