No, really, I don’t have an eating disorder

I buy two packages of sugar free hard candy to suck on in my office on those days when life just deserves a good suck.  I buy Werther’s Originals and Lifesavers. I know I like the former. I’m trying the latter for the first time.

I put the Lifesavers out and taste one. I don’t like them half as much as I like the others.  But I’ve already put them out in the dish.  And I paid for them.  And if I don’t eat them first and now, I’ll end up never eating them and they’ll be wasted.  So I put the Werther’s away with the promise to myself that I will have them as soon as I finsh the Lifesavers.

I am my nona’s child.  Nothing will be wasted.

And then tonight, after days of following that discpline and order, I just went nuts and had two Werther’s.  And now I feel as though the gods in heaven (also known as my nona) are looking down in disappointment because I blew it. And that just makes me want more of the Werther’s . And so another ugly eating cycle begins in my life.