Let me see if I’ve got this straight

Muslims are mad at the pope for what he said.  Christians are mad at Muslims for what they claim is said on a daily basis around the world about destroying Chritianity.  The pope goes off to some country and reads a quote from some 16th century writer that could not be more inflammatory but wants us to believe that somehow he just didn’t get how it would sound.  Fundamentalist Christians all but leap with glee at the war in the mideast, sure that this means the end of days is upon us and they are the only ones who will go to heaven. Muslims bomb each other’s mosques in a centuries old feud over who is the real follower of the Prohet.

So if Mohammed and Jesus were on earth right this very minute, raise your hand if you think they would approve of what either of these groups are doing? Or would they just walk off into the desert together shaking their heads at just how much humanity has destroyed/distorted/bastardized their most dearly held precepts?