Oh yeah, about the dogs

Blue slept at my side through all the noise of firecrackers and other assorted bangs that started at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Blondie didn’t do so well. She actually made Mr. T’s gyrations look almost calm.  Maybe because she weighs about four times what he weighed so when she jumps up on the bed to try to bury herself inside my skin, it’s a little more forceful. She tried to dig a hole in a plastic bag in my clothes closet to hide in. She tried to get under the couch and pushed it halfway across the room before I could stop her.  So I guess Blondie doesn’t like loud bangs and noises.  Yep, I think she’s made that perfectly clear.  And I’m sure those nail marks on my neck from her frantic digging motion will go away in just a few days. The lesson I learned? When a dog is trying to get so close to you as to become your second skin, and that dog is freaked by ongoing loud bangs, don’t hold her too close when a bang occurs. Dogs apparently can’t control that frantic motion of their paws as they try to dig deeper into whatever is at hand…even if that’s your neck.

I do know how to have fun on New Year’s, don’t I?