Fun with hot flashes

I can only thank god mine are over and done with.  But for those of you who still feel like you are periodically dumped into the center of the sun, check out Menohaven.com.  A friend told me about the site so I went over to see what they’ve invented since I went through menopause to help the process along.  Needless to say, since men don’t suffer from menopause or have hot flashes, science hasn’t come up with a way to let us glide through this period with a smile and a laugh.  But other women have sure done a lot of research into products that at least keep you feeling human when the rush starts.  Funny thing is that when I first heard about “the rush” I thought, being a child of the sixties, that it might actually be fun.  I was wrong.  The only time the rush of a hot flash is fun is when you are standing on the edge of the Arctic Ocean in January and you don’t need a coat while all around you are bundled up.  Actually, I can remember more than one day where I actually did that when I lived in Barrow.  The sad truth was that even forty below weather was not a worthy opponent for a feisty hot flash.  Anyway, check out Menohaven.com for some fun stuff and a lighthearted take on something that normally causes us to want to rip the head off the person nearest us and shove it up their….ok, this is possibly a family blog so I won’t go any further. You who are affected know exactly where you want to shove it..