Best Friends Animal Society

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that Best Friends is where I want to go when I’m old. It’s the largest no kill animal shelter in America and it is a magical place of kindness and love and joy for many animals who had precious little of that before their arrival at Best Friends.

Anyhow, Best Friends is looking for donations of items like blankets, towels, old pet beds, kitty scratching posts, toys for birds or dogs or cats that your loved and lucky pets no longer use…anything like that. They could also use packages of Pill Pockets to help the medicine go down.

In particular, Britney the Pig is longing for a sweater…blue is her preferred color. And I’m talking about a real pig here, not some shavened head pop star in need of serious emotion help.

So if you have any of this stuff hanging around your house and want to make it useful again, send it to Best Friends at 5001 Angel Canyon Road Kanab, Utah 84741

Just think how good you’ll feel as you walk out of the post office knowing that in a few days a pig will be smiling in Utah.

You can go to their website for a more complete list of items they need. http://www.bestfriends.org