How to die

I’ve had many pets pass on before me.  Adeline, my beloved first parrot who took that long journey to Barrow with me in 1972 and endured more than her share of cold Arctic winters.  Mr. T, the miniature schnauzer who was bigger and badder than any dinosaur that ever walked this planet. Lovey, the Barrow mutt who never met a meal she didn’t like and never returned food to the earth before its time. Morris, the little parrot with the biggest heart and most love of any critter in the world.  Little Zia, the wild bird crippled at birth who graced my home for such a short and lovely time.  I could go on and on.  When it’s my time to die, I just want to go to sleep one night and wake up and find them all standing around waiting for me to feed them for eternity. Then I’ll know for sure I’m in heaven.