Al Gore should be weeping

I bought a package of underpants as Jockey’s last week.  Underpants!  Plain old cotton underpants.  Or, at least, as plain and old as you can get them now.  Here’s how they were wrapped.  They were in a plastic container that had cardboard wrapped around the inside of it. Then, each individual pair of pants was taped shut. When you managed to pry the tape off to unroll them, you found another piece of cardboard inside the roll of each pair of pants with another piece of tape holding the cardboard to the panties. Did the people at Jockey think the panties were going to break if squashed at all?  Did they think I wouldn’t know their shape if the cardboard didn’t hold them stiff?  Or did they just feel obliged to waste as much as possbile on packaging them so we can completely soil our world a little faster?