It’s like Lovey has returned

My friend Rob was here today. He met Blue and Blondie for the first time. He took one look at Blue and exclaimed, “Lovey”. And in an instant I realized how right he was. Blue looks a lot like Lovey, my faithful companion for seventeen years in Barrow. In fact, Rob was the one who named her when she was just a puppy.  I wonder now if that’s what attracted me to her when I saw her picture on the Friends of Pets website. Did I instinctively react to the resemblance? And then, of course, I got her home and found out she is a complete food whore….just like Lovey.  Blondie is a slut puppy and Blue is a food whore. And somewhere in heaven, Lovey is looking down and laughing…and that should probably scare me on a lot of levels because she was always good at the vengeance game. I expect Blue will start putting out farts that will clear the house out any day now.