Why I am lucky to live in Alaska – reason 9,999

I spent the other evening sitting on my deck with the sun shining and the mountains in the background.  My birds were all in their outdoor cages and on the deck with me.  Baby and Kenya were clinging to the side of their cage, sure that I’d brought them out there for some dastardly motive.  Captain and CB sat side by side, resigned to the fact that a couple of times each year I lose all sanity and make them sit in a small cage under a big green thing that sways in the breeze and could contain god knows how many mortal enemies of theirs.  Abdul played on the table next to me, the captain of all he surveyed, in charge of the world and the world is damn lucky to have him.  And poor Wilson hung upside down from his cage for almost the entire time.  I can’t decide if the world just looked better to him from that position or what.  The shape the world is in today, it just may look better hanging upside down.

And what does all this have to do with Alaska? Well, when you live here, you don’t get so many days when you can bring your little flock outside and enjoy the sunshine. So each day you get to do it is very special.  And someday, maybe while I’m still alive to enjoy it, my birds will appreciate it too and not act as though I’ve lost my mind and brought them into the most dangerous environment ever.