Why dogs have nervous breakdowns

Blue, my food addicted diabetic pooch, found a piece of dried, frozen apple in our very frozen yard. Apparently under the impression that this piece of food stood between her and winter starvation, she frantically tried to bury it. Only the ground is frozen and no amount of nose pushing was working to cover the apple. I watched her frantically push it all over the yard with her nose trying to cover it up, all the time watching out of the corner of her eye for Blondie, the non-food addicted dog, to make sure she didn’t try to sneak in and steal it. After twenty minutes of this sadness, I finally went out and took the apple away from her in the hope she would forget about it and obsess over something else for a while. Even as I write this, she sits at my side staring at me, waiting for me to return her food.

Yep, nothing neurotic about this household.