I may have ceded too much power

I may have ceded too much power to the stellar jays that come by for food on my back porch. I saw one of my regulars chowing down at the bird feeder on the mixed seeds and realized that the magpies had gotten all the peanuts already. So I went out onto the porch with a bag of peanuts to put some out for the jay.  Not only did he not back away from the feeder, he thoroughly scolded me for interrupting him. I quietly backed away into the house, waited till he’d had his fill at the feeder and flew up into a tree, then went out with the peanuts. This time I wasn’t scolded. And as soon as I went back inside, he was at the peanuts, stuffing them down his throat. Yep, it’s pretty bad when the wild stellars at your feeder are giving orders and you’re obeying. Let’s you know you’ve now lost control both inside and outside of your house to the birds.