Here’s the thing

I am destined to never be the person walking down the road with a dog under perfect control even without a leash.  I saw such a person today on my walk and envied him. His dog walked by his side carrying a toy in his mouth. The man had but to move his hand slightly and the dog instantly obeyed. My dogs, meanwhile, were pulling and twisting on the leash while I slipped and slid on the ice yelling, “Girls, be good. Stop it. Don’t trip me. You’re getting the leash twisted.” and perhaps some other language best not repeated. I know that the experts say you can train any dog to be obedient. But I’m never going to be that person.  I’m the person who is trained by her dogs to be very aware of their immediate needs who fulfills them instantly for fear her dogs will start disliking her if she doesn’t.

Yep. I’m never going to be the person walking down the road with her dogs under perfect control. Just another goal in life that will go unfulfilled.