It’s happening again

It’s my own fault. I told myself not to play the Jimmy Buffet cd. But who could resist now that I have a cd player in my car. And so I go to bed at night, wake up at 3 AM to go pee and get up in the morning with the same incessant phrase playing again and again in my head….”I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes. A big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.  Which way do I steer for my cheeseburger in paradise.” And over and over and over. Until it’s replaced by the lyrics, “I just bought a water bed that’s filled up for me and you. So why don’t we get drunk and screw?”…which, of course, could be considered a synopsis of the romances from my past except I never drank, they did. 

Get out of my brain, Jimmy Buffet!  Out! Out! Out!