How you know you are beyond pathetic

This past Sunday, the Daily News ran a story about Don Young’s problems with that little road in Florida. It referred to a former staffer of Young who is now in jail in connection with the Abramoff scandal.  Apparently, Abramoff tried to find a job for this guy, named Mark Zachares, in the Interior Department office that oversees US Territories at a time when Abramoff was trying to influence legislation affecting the territory.  The Bush administration would not hire Zachares.

And that’s how you know that you are beyond pathetic. When an extremely influential lobbyist can’t get you a low level job in an administration that has contained some of the most corrupt, incompetent (think Brown’s great job after Hurricane Katrina…think Rumsfeld’s great military strategy in Iraq…think…oh hell, just think George Bush) idiots ever to draw federal salaries.