Dear lord save us from idiots

There was a small blurb in the paper recently about a store in Fairbanks pulling novelty cigarette lighters from their shelves after reports that children playing with them have accidentally set fires and, in three cases in the country, died as a result. And I have to ask myself who, sitting in their office high on the fumes from the copier ink, had the bright idea to manufacture lighters shaped as children’s toys. And then who was the even bigger brain who gave the green light to taking the idea from concept to reality? Because honestly, did no one in that whole process at any point think there might be the potential for just a slight problem down the road if they sold lighters shaped like doll accessories, or miniature cars or toy animals to people who might have children at home? 

Civilization as we know it is already being done in by the BushCheney brain trust.  They do not need this kind of help.