Help needed

Bird TLC is the wild bird rehab center where I volunteer. It is one of the best things about my life.  The owls and eagles and magpies and ravens and robins and…well, you get the picture. Who could not love working with these critters and helping them survive illness and injury. Especially when the injury is so often caused by humans who cut down trees with nests or let their cats go loose or hunt with lead shot that poisons birds who eat from the area or think the earth is their garbage can so they can drop all the plastic they want anywhere they want with no concern for wild life that might get caught in it. 

Anyhow, the center runs on volunteer power. Volunteers keep the clinic functioning seven days a week. And we need more volunteers. Some of our old and true volunteers who have held down certain days shifts for years are leaving. Other shifts have never really had the coverage they need. I can’t believe of all my Anchorage readers, there aren’t some out there with time to give. Each day is divided into two shifts…morning and afternoon. You only have to volunteer for one. Monday through Friday there is almost always a rehab director also onsite in case of emergency or problems. We have only morning shifts on weekends…people come in to feed and clean the birds but usually no treatments or other work is scheduled. You have to be 18 or have your parent accompany you. And you can be ancient…which I am…and not only still be a volunteer, but likely become one of the ones we most depend on because you’ve lived long enough to know how important it is to be reliable.

So come on, Anchorites.  Call Bird TLC at 562-4852 and volunteer for a shift. We’ll provide you with darling blue smocks, some of which even still have pockets without holes. We’ll provide you with any needed training. And we’ll provide you with a chance to get closer to an eagle than you ever thought possible without getting your nose bitten.  What more could you ask for?