It never ceases to amaze me

Blue stares gloomily out at the rain, refusing to set foot in the backyard and risk getting wet no matter how much she has to go. But she also sits and stares at the front door, mentally willing me to stop working and take her for a walk as though somehow the weather in the front of the house will be better than the weather in the back of the house. She breaks down my resistance, I put away the document I’m working on, put on a jacket with hood, hook her and Blondie up and head out the door. We get about five feet from the porch, Blue looks in dismay at the clearly wet climate that exists apparently in the front as well as the back of the house, and tries to immediately head to the safety of the front door. 

Is it really that much of a leap of intelligence for her to figure out, after almost ten years of life, that the weather out the front door will almost always be the same as out the back door?  Or is this simply an example of true eternal optimism?