It’s just embarrassing

I come in the house from the garage. I assume the sound of the garage door opening and shutting will alert my trusty guard dogs to my return. But no. I walk in the door, down the hallway and into my office and start opening mail and still no dogs.  A few minutes later, I hear the clinking of tags on collar as one of the dogs slowly descends the stairs. I sit quietly in the office to see what she’ll do. Another few seconds and the sound of the second dog descending is heard. They sit on the landing not moving. Finally, based on god knows what strange impulse, they get up, walk right by the open door of the office where I am sitting in plain sight, and go down the hall way. They stand there staring expectantly at the door leading to the garage.  I clear my throat. They move closer to the door, clearly totally unaware that the sound is coming from behind them. I clear my throat again and start waving my hand.  Blue looks up, stares at me for a moment, and then goes back to staring at the door to the garage. Finally, to end the embarrassment, I call them. They both turn from the door, look down the hallway where I am once again waving from my office and slowly start back towards me as though not sure it could be me because, in their minds, I’m on the other side of the door to the garage.

Yep. These are my guard dogs. I think I’ll buy a gun just in case the burglar doesn’t call out his presence to them.