Stop the madness

I don’t know what’s worse, the inane chatter from the commentators during the Olympic games which makes EVERYTHING sound like only the Americans count or the painful overdose of political ads about mines and candidates and wolves and….STOP IT! STOP THE MADNESS!  Commentators….just shut the hell up and let the athletes do their thing. Accept that other countries might have athletes who are competing and may actually win. Stop saying that a gymnast who is number fourteen after four rotations has a shot at a medal. We are not idiots. We know he or she doesn’t. Show us competitors from other countries too. Pretend they might be good at what they do.

As for the political ads and candidates, you are the worse polluters in the world today and should be ashamed of yourself for the overloaded glut of crap we have to sit through in order to watch some young person take a chance for gold while the only gold you are interested in is in my pocket and you want it in yours!

There. I feel much better now.