Well, well, well, well, well….

Wow. Alaska politics are nuttier than usual this year.  An indicted senator wins his primary. A forever congressman fights for his political life against a primary opponent with the charisma of Michael Dukakis.  Seems like half the state legislature is in jail or about to go to jail or fighting to stay out of jail.  And now, Sarah for vice-president.

My first thought was that if Sarah runs for vice president and Parnell ends up running for U.S. House, who exactly will be running the state?  That’s when I start smiling. What a wonderful solution to the problems caused by politicians in our lives. Send half to jail and have the other half run for national office. Keeps them out of Juneau, out of touch and out of our lives. Talk about a win-win for Alaska.

There are some who question whether being mayor of Wasilla qualifies a person to be one heartbeat away from the presidency.  Even with two years as governor, does she really have enough experience?  I respond by asking, “Have you met the average citizen of Wasilla?  How about the average Alaskan?” If you can impose any order on the diverse and somewhat bizarre citizenry of this state, you can potentially rule the world.

McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin seems to be an attempt to put youth in his picture while trying to capture women who feel Hillary was robbed. The problem, of course, is that Hillary and Sarah could not be further apart politically. Sarah’s conservatism is the polar opposite of Hillary’s liberalism. When Hillary’s discontented female followers get to know Sarah’s political beliefs, I don’t think she stands a chance of pulling their vote.

Her selection might also be about firming up the ultra conservative base of the Republican Party that still views McCain with great suspicion. Sarah is socially and economically conservative, she’s still married to her first husband, she has that cute new baby and a son in the military. She is the perfect candidate for the Christian right.

Sarah’s presence on the national stage announces Alaska’s arrival into the mainstream of American politics without the name Mike Gravel or the terms “under investigation” or “under indictment” as part of the narrative. That’s good for Alaska.

Our governor is the vice presidential candidate of a major political party. Wow!