Bird brains

I am still embarked on a seemingly futile quest to get the rescued Conure that I am fostering to eat healthy food. In bird world, that means something other than seeds. So, being a human and therefore inherently brighter than the average bird…one hopes…I devised a method of mixing his seeds with some high potency fine Harrison’s bird food. This food is tiny little round pellets, maybe the size of a very small BB or the tip of a pencil. I sneakily mix the healthy food with the seeds. Since many of the seeds he eats are also round and small, I figure the Harrison’s will just look like more of the same and he’ll eat it unknowingly. And then, as he eats it more and more, I’ll reduce the amount of seeds in the mix until it is nothing but healthy food.

At least, that was the plan.

Today I took the dish of mixed food out of his cage. All his seeds were gone. Every single one of them. And all the Harrison’s were still in the dish. Every single one of them. So maybe this isn’t going to work. Maybe the bird is smarter than I think. Maybe I should give up on birds and go back to convincing the dogs that I have first dibs on the couch.