Sunday morning on the radio again

I’ll be back with Brian Copeland tomorrow on his radio show out of San Francisco discussing the latest turn of events up here in Alaska in the Troopergate scandal. 

If you want to listen in, I’ll be with Brian at a little after 9 AM San Francisco time.  You can figure out on your own when that is in your time zone…except for my family who, after my being in Alaska 36 years, still have trouble with whether it is earlier or later on the East Coast versus Alaska. So let me help them. If you are my family and on the East Coast, 9 AM San Francisco time is noon your time.

To listen live, go to:


And can we all agree that when this is all over, we will forever retire the concept of adding the word “gate” to political scandals? Nixon is dead. 1972 is so last century.  Let’s come up with something new and refreshing for the political scandals in our future.