In case you just felt the wind whistle past your face

That was just me exhaling finally after receiving word that my Mac will live with just the infusion of a new power board and that all data has been recovered. I know, I know. I should back up every day. I should also lost another fifty pounds and learn how to ski. None of that is likely to happen either.

As for my Mac…well, I’m beginning to think that working out of my home is causing me to experience what some might consider an unnatural relationship with my Mac.  I miss it like I would miss a spouse, only my love doesn’t leave a mess or expect me to cook dinner. The whole time he’s been at the computer hospital I’ve wanted to visit and give him a hug and let him know he’s sorely missed, maybe bring him a disk to chew on or some flowers to brighten his stay. I will fight the urge to hug it when it is returned to me…at least until I get it to the car. 

Yep. I need to get a life.