There really is nothing like family

Most of my family was waiting up for meat my sister’s house when I got East on Saturday night. They were back at my sister’s house less than 12 hours later for lunch (we are Italian, after all).  They are a pretty wild bunch considering how conservative they are. When people ask me in amazement who the heck are the 24% of Americans who still think the BushCheney monster was good for this country and think they will someday be viewed as one of our greatest presidents, I ask them if they’ve met my family. And yet I can still sit with them for hours and laugh and feel like I’m just a kid again. Anyone who doesn’t have a group of siblings and cousins around to keep them grounded and alive will never understand how special that can be.  And yes, Joe, this even includes you. See, I told you that despite the sixties, we really didn’t come out all that different…though you are very wrong about that BushCheney thing.