Why should the year end any better than it started?

I finally got the meringue to whip up into peaks and made a gorgeous sugar free lemon meringue pie. Unfortunately, I’ll never know if it was also tasty because the tin pie plate folded in half as I took it out of the oven and it smashed to my floor and splatter into crevices I didn’t even know existed in my kitchen until I had to figure out how to clean them. I cleaned it up for the better part of 45 minutes and was proud that I’d managed to get the whole sticky mess taken care of and then let the dogs back in. They went right to the spot and started licking with a look of bliss on their faces. I guess I didn’t get it all up. And I also guess that it might have tasted good from the gusto they were employing to get every last morsel on their tongues. On the other hand, I think of what else dogs lick and wonder if it matters to them whether it tastes good so long as it comes straight off the floor.