The ugliest day ever

Because I don’t award these prizes easily, I had to spend almost a week wracking my brain to see if I could remember an uglier day than last Friday here in Anchorage. I can’t. It was raining, kinda slushy snowing, melting, icy, gray, windy, mud everywhere, cars driving through lakes, wind blowing the rain sideways into you, walking through puddles over your ankles that hid ice underneath….it just could not be uglier than that day. So I officially nominate it for the ugliest day this decade in Anchorage. Any other day that wants to compete is going to have to really work at it.

Oh yeah…and that damn wind blew out my hot water heater two days in a row so taking a shower was less than pleasant. So yeah, any day that wants to compete with last Friday is going to have to sweat to catch up.