getting cut off from people

I had a call from an online pharmacy yesterday telling me how much I could save in co-pays if I used them instead of going to my local pharmacy. Maybe someday I’ll have to take them up on their offer because finances will be that tight. But for now, I prefer to have some human contact. As it is, I do most of my banking and bill pay either online or through a telephone tree. Going to the pharmacy is one of the few face to face interactions I have left in my day. I like that they know me and I know them and we can have a conversation while they ring up my drugs. The thought of deleting that human interaction and replacing it with another phone tree makes me shudder. Are we truly heading towards a society in which we will never actually have face to face interactions with anyone? I think this is especially an issue for retirees who don’t go to work every day and can become so isolated so easily. That automated phone tree will never ask how I’m doing as it refills my drugs or wonder if I understand there could be a funny interaction with the OTC drug I have in my cart that they noticed or ask if I’ve had my flu shot and talk to me about why it’s a good idea to get one.

No, let me keep my pharmacist. He or she is the last medical provider I can always count on being there when I need him or her without appointments and nurses and receptionists questioning my need to talk to them.