A Valentine to Blue

Everyone wants to believe that their pet is the best…the smartest, the handsomest, the fastest….whatever. This is my Valentine to Blue to let her know that I love her anyway.

See, her buddy Blondie got impatient to come in one day and pushed in the bottom metal panel on the outside back door. Seems she once lived in a home where pushing on the door caused it to open and she figured if she just kept pushing, this one would open too. So I removed the metal panel until winter ends and I can work on the metal in less than sub zero temps. Blondie immediately figured out that where there had once been a solid piece of metal, there was an opening that she could walk through once I opened the inner door. And so she now comfortably exits and enters through the dog level opening she made.

Blue watches this in a state that can only be called panicked dismay. She sees Blondie walk through what had once been a solid barrier and is confused, nay hysterical. I squat down and put my hand through the opening and call her over to it to show her she can come through it. She runs in horror from my hand, stands a good five feet from the door and barks in frantic hysteria. I put treats down for her right inside the opening. She stands mere inches from food she would normally kill for, saliva dripping from her mouth, scared to death to put her head into the opening far enough to get to the treat.

And so we come to a compromise. I let Blondie out through the opening and then open the door for Blue. And I promise to love her anyway. Because even dim bulbs are shedding as much light as they can.