Mt. Redoubt

The last time Redoubt exploded, I was on my way to the East Coast for Christmas. It was twenty years ago, my mother was still alive and Janis was still living in Anchorage with her family. I ended up staying at her house for a week as flight after flight got canceled. It being the holidays, rebooking after each cancellation became more and more of a nightmare. I finally found a circuitous route to Philadelphia and arrived on Christmas Eve. By the time I got from Philly to Atlantic City, it was 9 PM. My mother had already served Christmas Eve dinner and everyone had opened presents. Merry Christmas!

Now, Redoubt has exploded again and in two days Janis and her daughter and two grandsons are supposed to be boarding a plane in California to come to Anchorage for a visit.  So the question has to be asked….does Redoubt have some extra sensitivity to me and Janis when we travel that causes it to blow right before we start a really big trip?  Inquiring minds want to know.