Dogs and souls

There was an article in the paper recently that said dogs can tell right from wrong, have a sense of morality and probably have souls.  I can only say to that… DUH! Anyone who has ever seen my Blue sneaking around the counter to get to Blondie’s food without being noticed knows that she knows what she’s doing is wrong and could result in punishment. That look is all over her face, her body position and the way she jumps into the air when I catch her at it and yell, “Bad dog!”. Blondie can be in the same room as Blue when I yell that and she won’t move because she KNOWS she hasn’t done anything wrong. On the other hand, Blue has guilty written all over her face.

Well, I guess there were some skeptics out there who needed more empirical proof as to the existence of dog’s souls. Now they have it. And now they can better understand why I would take a dog over just about any politician or religious leader in the world today. I know the dog has a soul. I’m not sure about the others.