Another great day of dog ownership

Blue is standing next to Abdul’s bird cage with her head underneath, trying to find any morsels Abdul might have dropped that she can eat. Chewed up pieces of carrots, torn apart broccoli heads, the bare cob that had once held kernels of corn. Whatever.  I call her to the kitchen for her insulin shot since she’s just finished breakfast… the bird cage bottom is apparently her idea of dessert.  She trots obediently over to me (probably only because she knows I have a treat for her if she’s good about the shot).  Her head is strangely mottled.  I look closer. The bird has dumped her entire bowel contents on Blue’s head.  It drips down her forehead and over her ears. She is completely oblivious. I am completely nauseated. She gets her shot, her treat, and a shampoo. I decide to hold off my breakfast for awhile.