I don’ t usually beg but…

The wildbird rehab center I volunteer with here in Anchorage is in rough financial waters because of the economic downturn.  We have taken in innumerable orphaned baby birds during this nesting season and seen them through to safe release. We will soon be releasing a loon and, when he’s just a little older and more ready to fend for himself, a sandhill crane that came to us small enough to fit in a basket but then shot up quicker than an NBA player doing a layup. (Wow, did I just use a sports metaphor? Did I use it right? Did all those years of living with Sam rub off on me when I wasn’t paying attention?) And we still have injured eagles, a couple of great horned owls (one of whom was shot by some idiot with a pellet gun) and all kinds of other wild Alaskan birds that need just a little time to heal and then be on their way.

So if you have any extra money to part with… and god I know that for many of us, it’s not much… consider going to http://www.birdtlc.net/ and either donating online or using the address listed to send in a check.

The birds and I will all be very appreciative. And those that get released promise to never poop on your car again.