A slippers tale from a bad shopper

I love to wear mouton or sheepskin slippers in the house, especially in the winter when they keep my feel so cozy. In fact, I tend to wear them until I am leaving pieces of the sole behind as I walk because I’ve worn holes into them. So when I needed new ones this summer, I went to a shoe store. I figured even if it was summer, this was Alaska and they should have warm slippers. Wrong. Neither of the two stores I checked had them. Since two stores is the extent of my patience when shopping, I came home and decided to just order online as the simplest solution. So I did. And I waited and waited and waited. And finally got a notice that the slippers would be out of stock until October. Since it was August when the notice arrived, I canceled the order and went back to the two stores. Still no slippers in stock. So I went back online and order them from another store that gave no indication there would be a shipping delay. And I waited and waited. After three weeks, I tried to check online for order status. The website didn’t allow me to do that. So I sent an e-mail as directed by the contact us section asking what had happened to the order. No response. Sent a second e-mail. Still no response. Called the number listed and got a recording saying they would be closed until Oct. 15. Sent them another e-mail canceling the order. Went back to the two stores figuring it was now Oct. 4 so surely they would have warm slippers in. I was wrong. A new Target store opened in town. I checked there. They didn’t have them. I came home and went to yet another website to place an order. It was an old website rarely used by the company anymore. I found this out when I called the number because there seemed to be no way to order online. When I called the company I found out the free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii no longer held true. I ordered anyway out of sheer frustration. Now I’m waiting again. 

Just seems like buying warm slippers for winter in Alaska should not be this hard, doesn’t it?