An argument for forced sterilization

Let’s see… two redneck crackers in the Valley decide that the way to toughen up a five year old boy is to make a blow torch out of a lighter, call him and when he comes to the door, light it. And they are shocked, shocked I tell you, that the boy got burned. But, all things considered, they really didn’t want to run up bills for something as irrelevant as the five year olds’ burnt head, so they didn’t bother going to the hospital. They were apparently so blase about it that they sent the kid to school after the weekend on the assumption, I suppose, that the school would see nothing out of the ordinary about a five year old with untreated burns and no hair on one side of his head.

Where was mom you ask? Well, mom had a restraining order out against one of these genetic misfits so she thought it was ok for that person to live on her property and take care of the kid while she was away.

Is there any better argument anywhere for forced sterilization?