Here’s what I don’t understand

All those commercials running on TV now claiming that this country can’t afford health care for its residents and begging people to call their senators and stop racking up gabillions in debt never mention that the three wars we are fighting are also putting us into debt. Not only that, but most of the money we have spent on “reconstructing” Iraq after choosing to destroy it for no valid reason in a war of choice is simply missing… unaccounted for or in projects that fall down as the last nail is hammered in. But no one seems to think it necessary to run commercials demanding that we tell our representatives and senators to stop spending us into debt in order to wage wars or build countries that aren’t ours.

Finally, after listening to NPR recently (yes, I’m one of those people) I must wonder why we haven’t hacked all the terrorist networks and simply taken them down by corrupting their computers and networks. Think of what bugs and worms have done to our computer networks. Imagine what we could do towards disrupting the terrorists’ activities if we disrupted their networking.