The real question is….


… how I could possibly be related to the woman in this picture.  Her idea of heaven – heat and a beach, even if she has to travel all the way to Laguna Nigel to find her bliss.  My idea of hell – heat and a beach and so I hunker down in Anchorage with the temperature a balmy 3 degrees above zero.  And yet our mother insisted we were actual siblings. And we won’t even go into what my brother is muttering under his breath about the snow storm that hit the East Coast this weekend. To say he took it as a personal insult from god would be to put it mildly.He stands looking pathetically out the front door of his condo, golf clubs at the ready for the first hint of warmth and/or the appearance of a visible hole on a golf course. And yet our mother insisted we too were actual siblings. Go figure.